13 Free online marketing resources

Posted by: | Posted on: March 14, 2015


Since it’s Friday the 13th I thought I’d share 13 free internet marketing tools.

These websites can be used for getting your information out to as many people as possible.

All of them are free.

Remember that consistency is the way to build a successful online presence. Use them every day.

  1. Craigslist – The world’s largest free classified ad system. Use it to post ads to sell your offer. Ads are not free but the system is.
  2. Twitter – The world’s largest social message site. Use it to both increase your brand awareness and to build a lead base. Paid advertising is available.
  3. Google Adwords Keyword tool – Use it to find keywords for your ad campaigns.
  4. Facebook – World’s largest social media site. Use it to increase brand awareness and to find leads.
  5. Clickbank – One of the best known affiliate marketing sites. Free to enroll.
  6. IBO Toolbox – State-of-the-art marketing platform for branding your business.
  7. WordPress – WordPress can be used online for free. You can also install WordPress to your domain for even more power and control over your blog.
    1. wordpress.org – to be installed on your hosted domain
    2. wordpress.com – free blog site
  8. Add This – Plugin for your website to make it easy to share content and build your audience.
  9. Trafficswarm – Traffic exchange
  10. Youtube – World’s largest video hosting site.
  11. Cozi Calendar – Free calendar shares info with family, business associates and friends in a common account. Free for phones and computers.
  12. Addme – Search Engine Submission service.
  13. Soundcloud – Free podcast hosting platform

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