February, 2014

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Posted by: | Posted on: February 13, 2014

Hello world!

I am now officially a full time online marketer.  It was not entirely my choice since I was laid off from my job but here I am spending my days being my own boss and loving every minute.

I have a lot of help from some friends I have made along the way.

I attended a Home Business Summit put on by My Online Business Empire. (http://anita-hales.com/ah-ml-ep/). It was invaluable. Not only did I meet successful people but made some connections that are helping me succeed on my own.

Since purchasing license rights to MOBE products my life has changed drastically.

No more raising my finger to the wind to see which way it blows.  I am the wind.

Cortes motivated his men to succeed in subduing a new world by burning his boats.  So did Alexander the Great.

When you don’t have a way back to where you were, you move on to bigger and better things.

Care to join me in my journey?  You can click on this link to get information.  No obligation on your part.  Give it a try. http://anita-hales.com/ah-ml-ep/