May, 2014

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Posted by: | Posted on: May 30, 2014

Mindset training

I’ve decided to pursue the Silva Method for my mindset training.  I’ve been going through a Silva course for a while now and today I created a mental laboratory. It was suggested that I write about my laboratory to make it more real.  So here is my mental laboratory.

My laboratory is in a Victorian style manor on a vast estate. It is a large room with vaulted ceilings and cherry wood paneling. There is a large grandfather clock made of oak with big brass hands pointing to large Roman numerals. It’s off to the left against the wall next to a large fireplace with a marble mantel.

There is a large mahogany desk with turned legs near the center of the room.  It’s a very heavy desk.  On top is a perpetual clock that looks like a spider.  It has a “head” upon which is the year that can be rotated forward or backward with a knob.  The “body” is a large crystal bubble in which is displayed the day and month.  It also can go forward or backward and is operated by a wheel.

At the desk is a large leather upholstered overstuffed chair with arms. It has lion claw feet under which are some hidden wheels that make it easy to move.

My information center is a steam-punk computer system with lots of brass and an oval display.

Off to the right is a chemistry lab complete with bunsen burners, test tubes and lots of little bottles of medicines and herbs in a glass covered cabinet.

To the south the wall has a large blank white screen upon which things can be displayed by an old fashioned brass projector that sits on the desk.

There is a large bookshelf on the other side of the fireplace that goes floor to ceiling with leatherbound books.

There you have it.  My laboratory.  I will be cooking up lots of things here.


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Baby Steps = Persistence = Success = Freedom

Have you ever watched how a baby learns to walk?  First of all they learn to roll over.  Then they learn to crawl.  Then they pull themselves up to standing. Then they walk with assistance. Then they walk all by themselves.  Then you have trouble catching them because they run faster than you do.

A baby isn’t born with muscle control or strength to actually accomplish walking. I don’t know if they have an inherent instinct to walk or if they see others walking and try to emulate it.

But what I do know is it takes hours of exercising and gaining control of the muscles to accomplish it.

So when you think about succeeding, you probably won’t be making the kind of money the gurus do right off the bat.  You will be required to learn, study, work and emulate.

Sadly, most people quit before they ever reach their desired goals.

Then they blame the system.  They lose faith in themselves but it has to be someone else’s fault.

If some are succeeding, the system obviously works.

Be persistent.  Be determined. Be goal oriented. Be unstoppable. YOU can succeed.