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Are You Too Shy To Succeed?

I saw a great article today on shyness by Tina Su.

I was looking for something to help someone who is stuck in their present circumstances because they claim to be too shy to step outside their comfort zone.

This person said she was just born shy and that’s the way she was.

She can see no way to overcome it and is completely chained by her belief and is letting shyness dictate the level of her success.

I think everyone has some form of shyness. There are always situations where we are uncomfortable or feel out of place. The difference is how what we do with those feelings.

Do we let them control our actions or do our actions control our feelings?

Let me add a few points from Tina’s article.

“The Three Components of Shyness

According to Dr. Bernardo J. Carducci of the Shyness Research Institute, shyness has three components:

  • Excessive Self-Consciousness – you are overly aware of yourself, particularly in social situations.
  • Excessive Negative Self-Evaluation – you tend to see yourself negatively.
  • Excessive Negative Self-Preoccupation – you tend to pay too much attention to all the things you are doing wrong when you are around other people.”

According to Su, Shyness can be boiled down to three things…

  1. Weak Self Image
  2. Pre-occupation with Self
  3. Labeling

Su suggests these things to help you overcome shyness:

  1. Understand Your Shyness
  2. Turning Self Consciousness into Self Awareness
  3. Find Your Strengths
  4. Learn to Like Yourself
  5. Not Conforming
  6. Focus on Other People
  7. Releasing Anxiety through Breath
  8. Releasing Anxiety through Movement
  9. Visualization
  10. Affirmation
  11. Do Not Leave an Uncomfortable Situation
  12. Accept Rejection
  13. Relinquish Perfectionism
  14. Stop Labeling Yourself
  15. Practice Social Skills
  16. The Three Questions
    1. During social settings where you may experience nervousness, periodically ask yourself the following three questions. Doing so will distract yourself from more self-destructive thoughts. Make it your mantra:
      1. Am I breathing?
      2. Am I relaxed?
  • Am I moving with grace?
  1. What is Comfortable for You?
  2. Focus on the Moment
  3. Seek and Record Your Successes


In addition to these recommendations, start reading self-improvement books. They have been a great boon to me personally.

The one I’d start with is “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. It is an oldie but all others you will read start here. It’s not just about making money but about becoming rich inside and out.

You can find it online for free from several places. It’s worth paying for if you can’t find it for free. I found that getting the audio book and reading along is the best way to study the book.

Many people have overcome their shyness and you can too.

Yours in Success,

Anita Hales

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Attraction: Don’t Tell Me About Your Weed Killer

At a recent meeting, world renowned copy writer, Ben Settle said, “Don’t tell me about your week killer, tell me about my crabgrass.”

He was talking about the right approach to writing advertising copy that gets the attention of your desired audience.

The aim of attraction marketing is to get people to ASK for your product.

People don’t like to be sold to. They are looking for solutions.

Identify the problem your product solves and put that before your prospective audience.

What Ben Settle was saying was, don’t tell your prospect how great your product is.  Don’t shower them with statistics or what is in your product.  Tell them how it will fix what they have broken.  Tell them they will be free of crabgrass with your product.

Hope this little tip will help you when you are writing your ad copy and emails.

Anita Hales,

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Storms, Puppies and Money

On this rather stormy day, I think working inside is a really good idea.

We’ve got 80 knot winds and heavy rain. Hopefully the power won’t go out while I write this post.

I’ve been playing around with some software today on a web page called “Canva”. It’s really quite fun.

You can make all kinds of picture content for social media and just about anything else that likes visual content.

You might want to check it out at just for fun.

Hope you enjoy that.

Now let’s talk about puppies….2014-09-13 20.48.05

Puppies are cute, full of energy and get into all kinds of trouble. They are like a two year old that has sharp teeth and can run faster than you can. But they are so cute we don’t kill them.

New online marketers are a lot like puppies except they don’t pee on the floor. (At least I hope they don’t)

They are full of energy, hope and enthusiasm. They just KNOW this is going to be the break they have been waiting for. They start buying information products that will help them hone their craft.

This is where they can get into trouble.

They buy a course on blogging and discover they need more information about social media marketing. Then they discover they should get some information on Youtube video marketing. Then they see that they need some information on SEO. That leads to a need for information on copy writing and email marketing.

Before too long they have spent thousands of dollars and aren’t any richer.

And they have chewed up another pair of shoes.

The best way to avoid this kind of scenario is to invest in a good mentor right at the outset. I know it would have saved me a bundle if I’d just done that to start with.

I just finished a mastermind in the Bahamas with a couple of mentors and I’ve gotten away from the “buy-another-thing” problems that I experienced the last few years.

Take it from someone who has BEEN THERE.

Get a mentor.

If you don’t know where to seek a mentor, I could suggest mine.

Anji Long and Ben Martin. You can join their Legacy Lifestyle Academy and get on a success track that has everything you need.

Here’s there link:

There is a $1 trial so you can check it out.

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The Things Only One Person Can See…

I watched some old movies over the weekend. Some of you may have also seen them, Topper and Topper Returns.

The main theme of the Topper movies is that Topper, an unassuming and boring bank officer with a simple wife who encourages his boring life has an unusual gift…

He can see and communicate with ghosts.

As each story progresses, Topper gets into more and more trouble caused by his association with the fun-loving ghosts who have “adopted” him.

Topper has to solve their problems so they can leave the mortal plane and go to heaven.

I started thinking, how come only Topper gets to see the ghosts?LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

It’s a lot like…

How come only some people succeed at online marketing?

Are the successful people seeing something that others can’t see?

In the Topper movie, there are different types of people reacting to the presence of the ghosts.

  1. People who refuse to believe in their existence
  2. People who believe but are too scared and thus don’t want to see them.
  3. People who are confused by everything that happens and have no idea.
  4. People who see them and are willing to communicate with them.

Let’s extend this to online marketing. There are different types of people here too.

  1. People who refuse to believe a person can make a living with online marketing
  2. People who are too scared of failure
  3. People who are confused by all the hype and different opportunities
  4. People who see the opportunity and are willing to do what is necessary to make it work for them.

Sometimes we go through several of these incarnations before we reach step #4.

I have been through all of them myself.

The one thing that really helped me was spending time with a mentor. It cleared up the confusion and set me on a course so that I felt I could make it work.

If you aren’t at the point of “seeing” yet, I recommend you get a mentor to help you. It makes all the difference.

Anita Hales