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New Year’s Resolutions

Are you going to make New Year’s resolutions?

Let’s talk about that a bit.


A resolution in this case is a statement of changes you wish to bring about in your life.

The trouble is that most people just stop there and don’t proceed with the planning stage of how to bring about those changes.

A resolution without a plan is something that will be forgotten in a week.

To make your resolutions stick the first thing you should do is:

  1. Write it down.

Without being written, on paper, your resolution is as volatile as sunlight. Writing it by hand on paper cements it in your mind.

  1. Plan how it can be accomplished.

If you have a resolution to lose weight, decide what plan you will follow. There are many healthy eating plans available. You don’t even need to come up with it yourself. The same is true of many other goals. You probably aren’t the first person to go down that road. Pick your plan and write it down.

  1. Decide a time frame to complete your goal.

Pick a specific goal weight and decide how much you need to lose per week to accomplish it. Make yourself a chart to track your progress. Do this with other goals as well. You have to know exactly what steps you’ll take to reach your goal.

  1. Make a dream board.

Take a piece of cardboard and cut out pictures from a magazine or printed from the internet on what you will do when you reach your goal. Again, if it’s losing weight cut out a picture of a person with the body type you want and then paste your face on it. Make it as real as possible. If you have a goal of taking a dream vacation, find a picture of people doing what you would do where you want to do it and paste your face on one of the people. If you want to take people with you, paste their faces on other figures in the picture. Post your dream board where you will look at it often.

  1. Review your goals often and make necessary changes and refinements to it.

This is how a resolution becomes a permanent yearly goal. You can also make your resolutions for longer than a year.

Make 2015 the year things will really change for you in a good way. Don’t let things that happen change your resolve.

Best wishes for you in the coming year.

Anita Hales


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Forgiveness and Pride

I thought I’d jot down a couple of thoughts today about forgiveness and pride.

In the Law of Moses creditors were commanded to forgive debts every 7 years. This did a couple of things.  It allowed the debtor to progress and be able to provide better for his family and took a burden from him.

The creditor might have been out some cash but he too was able to clear his accounts and move on.  It also made him more careful about whom he gave credit to. And there is always the implied purpose of making him feel good about himself for forgiving another.


My parents adopted a little boy and were making payments to the lawyer that facilitated the adoption. It was pretty expensive and they had been paying for a couple of years. One Christmas the lawyer sent them a Christmas card and inside was an invoice saying, “paid in full”.

I think he was forgiving the debt in the spirit of the Law of Moses but without being compelled to do so. I’m sure it was a blessing not only to my parents but to him.

This is the true spirit of Christmas, giving without being compelled to do so.

My other thought today is about pride.

The Bible says, “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.”

I think we use the word “pride” sometimes in connection with haughtiness but sometimes it has a completely different meaning.

If we are proud of our accomplishments, it doesn’t necessarily follow that we are haughty about it.

In the Hercule Poirot mysteries by Agatha Christie, Poirot often refers to himself as “the world’s greatest detective” and yet his treatment of others is humble and kind.

One could say he is proud and yet humble about it.


He makes no bones about his accomplishments and goes about doing what he does best in spite of what others think of him.

He demands respect for what he does when he introduces himself and expects people to equate the name “Hercule Poirot” with “the world’s greatest detective.

Yet we are trained to think that if we acknowledge our talents and accomplishments that we are “proud” in a bad way.

It trashes our confidence in ourselves.

Being proud in a bad way is thinking you are above others because of your talents.

Being proud in a good way is thinking you can help others with your talents.

If you diminish your accomplishments, are you not guilty of false humility?

Something to think about.

I hope you found this useful.

Have a Merry Christmas and Hannukah season.

Anita Hales

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How many team members do you need?

Blog post 12/11/14

I was listening to Ray Higdon last night. If you really need motivation, he’s a great resource.

He said that if you connected with 11 people a day 5 days a week, you would be making $100,000 a year in 12 months.

Just connecting with them.

He didn’t say, sponsoring them or selling them, just making contact.

He also said that to build a sales team for any network marketing company you need only 6 leaders to make you rich.

So let’s do some math.

There are 52 weeks in a year. 5 days out of each of those makes 260. 260 times 11 equals 2860. You can figure that a minimum of 3% of those will join your business. That makes 85 people who will join you.

Do you think that would make a difference in your business?

Of those 85, 3% will be leaders. That makes 2.55 leaders. We’ll round that off to 3.

If you had 3 people on your team that took off and became leaders would that make a difference to your business?

There are tons of ways to make contact with 11 people a day.

You could just hang around the mall. Do you think you might be able to talk to 11 people a day in the mall?

You could send emails, social media messaging, drop cards, mass mailings. It’s all up to your imagination.

Ray Higdon makes over a million dollars a year in network marketing. I think he knows what he’s talking about.

I hope you get some value from this post and enjoy this special season.

Happy Holidays.

Anita Hales

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Seize the Day!


What are you waiting for?

You have been presented with an opportunity to make your life better and to help others as well.

But you tell yourself you don’t have time right now or not ‘till after the holidays. Maybe it’s I’m taking a vacation or expecting a baby.

How about the excuse, I can’t afford it right now.

If you keep making excuses, you’ll never succeed. Excuses trap us into the status quo.

Do you want to make more money in 2015?

Do you want out of your crappy underpaid job?

Do you want to be able to donate to causes that are important to you?

Do you want to be able to go on a vacation when you feel like it?

Do you want to give someone you love a very special gift?

Do you want to get a new car?

Drop the excuses and seize the day.

Do it now!

Why are you waiting? There may never be a “good time” to start so you just have to take the bull by the horns and START!

Stop reading this email and take action.


Anita Hales

Here’s your opportunity, take it.

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Why use paid advertising

Is it too expensive to use paid advertising? Well, it depends on how you look at it.

Most successful online marketers use paid advertising.

Don’t you agree that following people who have succeeded is the best way to achieve success?

I made a short video for you to illustrate the value in using paid marketing.

I hope you enjoyed this. If you want more information or have questions or comments please feel free to contact me.

Anita Hales

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