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Ray Higdon – Network Marketing Pro

This week I was privileged to interview Ray Higdon.

Ray has become a household name in the network marketing industry and was the first person in his company to break a million dollars.

His simple techniques are a boon to struggling marketers.

You can listen to my interview here:

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Anita Hales


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Interview with Jenny Jordan – 10 year internet marketing veteran

In this post, I’m sharing a podcast I did with Jenny Jordan. Jenny formed the Lipstick Lounge on Facebook, a place where women marketers can share value with each other. She talks about her struggles and what drove her to succeed.

She also shares some great advice for someone just getting started in an online marketing business.

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P.S. For help learning what you need to succeed online check out this information:

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There’s never going to be a perfect time

What are you waiting for?

There will never be a perfect time to have a baby, get a better job, create your own business, go on that dream trip, get married, learn a new language, learn to play a musical instrument, or do any of the myriad things we dream about doing that we feel would make us happy.


Don’t wait for enough money.

Don’t wait for the stars to align.

Don’t wait for spring, summer, fall or winter.


When you set the wheels in motion, things will happen.

I just read a story about a family that sailed around the world in a small sailboat with their two boys.

They didn’t have enough money.

They quit their jobs and went and dealt with issues as they occurred.

They found it didn’t cost as much as they thought it would and that they were able to make some money along the way.

Their boys were taken out of school for the year-long trip and received far more education and experience than they would have in school.

They learned to love reading.

They learned geography and culture.

It added to their lives in ways they could never have imagined.

I’ve heard people waiting to have a family only to discover that the perfect timing never happens.

Don’t wait for it.

Make your dreams happen.

Go for it.


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13 Free online marketing resources


Since it’s Friday the 13th I thought I’d share 13 free internet marketing tools.

These websites can be used for getting your information out to as many people as possible.

All of them are free.

Remember that consistency is the way to build a successful online presence. Use them every day.

  1. Craigslist – The world’s largest free classified ad system. Use it to post ads to sell your offer. Ads are not free but the system is.
  2. Twitter – The world’s largest social message site. Use it to both increase your brand awareness and to build a lead base. Paid advertising is available.
  3. Google Adwords Keyword tool – Use it to find keywords for your ad campaigns.
  4. Facebook – World’s largest social media site. Use it to increase brand awareness and to find leads.
  5. Clickbank – One of the best known affiliate marketing sites. Free to enroll.
  6. IBO Toolbox – State-of-the-art marketing platform for branding your business.
  7. WordPress – WordPress can be used online for free. You can also install WordPress to your domain for even more power and control over your blog.
    1. – to be installed on your hosted domain
    2. – free blog site
  8. Add This – Plugin for your website to make it easy to share content and build your audience.
  9. Trafficswarm – Traffic exchange
  10. Youtube – World’s largest video hosting site.
  11. Cozi Calendar – Free calendar shares info with family, business associates and friends in a common account. Free for phones and computers.
  12. Addme – Search Engine Submission service.
  13. Soundcloud – Free podcast hosting platform
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Outsourcing doesn’t have to cost a lot

As a home business owner you find yourself having to learn many skills.

Some of them you either hate to do or are really lousy at doing.

Home business owners need to be computer savvy.

They need to understand graphics, video and audio.

They need to understand copywriting.

They need to understand advertising and promotion.

The list of skills can be daunting for any small business owner.

Fortunately, there is a solution that can save you time and YES, money.


Hire professionals to do what they are good at so you can do what you are good at and like to do.

You may be saying to yourself right now, “But that sounds really expensive.”

Well, it can be but it doesn’t have to.

When you are first starting out, there are a number of resources that you can use.

One of the best I’ve found is a place called

For a mere $5 people will do almost anything for your business.

They will create graphics and banners for your website.

They will record audio and video or supply you with music for your site.

They will write copy for your emails.

There are thousands of things listed.

If you want to try out, it’s free to look at all the things they have.

Then just hire your gig and wait a day or two and your order will be done.

I’ve had great service.

Plus, fiverr supplies you with reviews so you can make a good decision when you make your order.

Click Here.

I hope this helps you.

Anita Hales

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Interview with Lena Bjorna, successful online entrepreneur

In this blog, I’ve interviewed Lena Bjorna whose story can inspire anyone struggling to make an online business career.

She went from struggling actress to online success. Listen to her story here:

You can reach her blog at

You can purchase her book, Her Success Blueprint here:

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Anita Hales

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Is grammar all that important?

Is correct grammar all that important?

When I was growing up, my mother constantly corrected my grammar and spelling. When I asked the meaning of the word she would launch into the Latin roots of the words and explain where it came from.

So I guess it comes naturally to me to be what some people call a grammar freak.

Seeing bad grammar on Facebook and other social media gives me a headache.

But the question remains, is it really important.

Let’s look at it from a professional standpoint.

You are wanting to be a credible home business operator.

Your business relies on your connection to your prospects and customers.

If you sound uneducated, it’s going to affect how people see you as a business owner. And nothing can make you sound more uneducated that poor grammar no matter how smart you are.

Here are some of the most common grammar and spelling mistakes I see on a regular basis that chip away at the credibility of the business person.

  1. “I seen it.” The correct grammar is, “I SAW it.”
  2. “I could care less.” You should say, “I couldn’t care less.” Just think about the meaning here.
  3. “First come, first serve.” Meaning is important here too. To be correct you should say, “First come, first served.”
  4. “Baited breath” as opposed to “bated breath.” You might have “baited breath” if you just ate a bunch of raw herring. The correct one is “bated breath.”
  5. That brings up “breathe” vs “breath”. It’s a matter of spelling. “Breathe” (pronounced “breeth”) is what we do on a regular basis. “Breath” (pronounced “breth”) is what you need peppermint candies for.
  6. Then there’s “your” and “you’re”. I think this is a matter of grammatical laziness on the part of most people who get it wrong. “Your” indicates possession as in “your dog”. “You’re” is a contraction. It’s short for “You are”. The apostrophe takes the place of the missing “a”.
  7. “To”, “Too” and “Two”. “To” is a verb telling direction. “I’m going to work”. Replace the word “too” with “also” and you’ll get it right. “Two” refers to the number 2.

There are many more grammatical errors that are all too common. The really sad thing is that in this day and age of electronics and computers, it’s almost unnecessary.

Even cheap word processors have spelling and grammar checkers. Facebook has a built-in spelling and grammar checker that nobody seems to use.

When you are writing emails to your list, you will immediately lose credibility by using poor spelling and grammar.

Get in the habit of using good grammar and it will do a lot for you mentally too. You will feel more confident and professional.

There are a number of free grammar checkers available on the internet such as

I hope this inspires you to pay more attention to the way you say things.  It does matter.


Anita Hales

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7 tips for closing a sale


The hardest part of selling is without a doubt closing. At least that is what answer you get from salespeople and marketers.

Closing refers to in interaction between a salesperson and a customer where the customer is asked to commit to something.

The relationship the seller creates is crucial to whether or not the customer feels confident that he/she will get what’s promised.

Getting a “yes” on several small things can help create confidence in the purchase of bigger things.

But no matter what you are trying to market, there are several common mistakes made. This is a list put forward by Jeff Hoffman.


1) Not asking for what you want.

It seems like a no-brainer but too many people fail.

Fear of getting a “no” is probably a big contributor to this. The other thing is that the rep has no clear idea what they hope to gain.

You can say, “I’m calling to see if you have any questions.” But wouldn’t it be better to say “Wasn’t that a great webinar? Are you ready to make your purchase today?”


2) Stepping on the close.

Don’t give your prospect too many choices. Forget the word “or” or “and” at the end of your sentences.

Ask, “Would you be able to talk to me tomorrow?” and let the question hang. See what the prospect says.


3) Closing people who can’t deliver.

When a customer or prospect obviously is hedging, they just may not be able to make the purchase or commit to your offer. Figure out when it’s better to just move on.

4) Attempting to close someone through a third party.

Relying on 3 way calls can be helpful when a person is in training but there comes a point where the rep has to be the go-to person for information.

Also, make sure the person you talk to is the decision maker and not someone who has to go to a third party to close the deal.


5) Using statements instead of questions.

Phrase your close as a question. Start your closing question with the words “are you”, “can you” or “will you”.

Those require the prospect to say “yes” or “no”


6) Commentating. 

Wait for the prospect to answer the unanswered question. Allow them time to talk. Let the decision be theirs.

Too often, a rep rushes to fill in with their ideas.

{These are examples posed by Jeff Hoffman)

Here’s what this sounds like:

Rep: “Can you meet this afternoon?”

Prospect: “No, I’m busy.”

Rep: “Not a problem — how’s tomorrow?”

However, if the rep simply falls silent after the prospect responds, the prospect often answers the rep’s follow up question before it’s even spoken.

Here’s the above example, revised to use this approach:

Rep: “Can you meet this afternoon?”

Prospect: “No, I’m busy.”


Prospect: “ … But I can meet next Tuesday.”

Don’t get in your own way by jumping to fill the silence.


7) Trying to make closing easy for the prospect.

A little pressure is what makes a balloon fun. Without pressure, a prospect probably won’t commit. Making it slightly uncomfortable NOT to make a decision will get the prospect to act.


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Interview with Lynda Kenny

In this podcast I interview Lynda Kenny who evolved from employee to businesswoman to online entrepreneur.

She discusses the importance mentorship has played in her success.

You can find Lynda on Facebook

Visit her blog at

Be sure to leave a comment below.

Thanks, Anita Hales

P.S. If you’d like me to interview other successful online marketers let me know who in the comments.

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10 Tips for getting more traffic to your blog

I came across a great article today with suggestions on getting more eyeballs on your blog.

The article actually gives 15 tips. I’m going to share 10 of those with you and I’ll share the link to the article at the end. These are some awesome tips.

Tip #1

Write Well and Write Often

Frequently updating your blog with useful content is the first step to building your blog’s audience. The content you write is what will keep readers coming back for more. Make sure you have something meaningful to say to them and say it often to maintain their interest and keep them loyal.

Read More …