June, 2015

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Don’t ditch your old email address!

Are you thinking of getting a new email address because your old one has become so

encumbered with spam and unwanted emails that you can’t control it?

Here’s how to fix it.

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The lady with the manicure and the ghille suit

I saw an odd thing the other day.

A lady got off a cruise ship dressed in a most unique way.

There were several thousand people in town that day from the cruise ships.

She had bleached blonde hair, lots of jewelry including a huge gaudy necklace,

designer boots and a French manicure.

What was odd was that she was wearing a ghille suit.

If you don’t know what that is, it’s a type of clothing that hunters and military snipers wear to hide from their prey.

It’s camouflage with loose leaves attached so you look like a pile of leaves.

That’s what she was wearing.

What a disconnect!

I was so startled that I forgot to get a picture.

She certainly got my attention.

As marketers, we try to attract attention in a huge marketplace.

It’s kind of like trying to find your friend on the dock where there are a couple of thousand other people.

We want to be able to find them and have them find us easily.

If you want to get found, you sometimes need to be outrageous.

People can’t find you if you are quiet and subdued.

Having ads that run constantly is one way to gain attention as long as they have a quality that cuts through the noise.

Emailing your list regularly is another way to keep them looking for you.

Being just a little different than everyone else is definitely a plus.

If everyone else wears blue, wear red.

People also like to see things about themselves. Make it about them and not about you.

If you look at professional ads like Pepsi or CocoCola, they show people feeling great and having fun.

It’s not so much about the product and its features and benefits, it’s about how it makes people feel.

Then there’s the KIA auto ads. They show a bunch of hamsters driving their car listening to beat music.

That’s more like wearing a ghille suit on the dock.

It’s out of place but entertaining.

They get attention.

I can’t look at a KIA without checking to see if it’s loaded with hamsters.

If other people are just posting links and spamming pages, they will get ignored.

You MUST have something to offer.

Be entertaining, different and give them something of value that will help them.

That’s how you get found.

Hope this is some good information for you.

See you on the docks in a ghille suit…