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Are You Damaging Your Body Trying To Lose Weight?

Weight Loss

Are you damaging your body trying to lose weight?

When I was sWeight Losstudying herbology, I learned that overuse of herbs that drive the kidneys like diuretics and stimulants can be detrimental.

After long use of diuretics and stimulants, the kidneys can become exhausted and become damaged from the constant kick.

As I learned more in studying Traditional Chinese medicine, I realized that it’s much deeper than I had previously learned.

In TCM, the kidneys refer not just to the two organs in the body but to a whole system and are associated with the “gate of vitality” or “ming men”.

“A famous Chinese doctor named Zhang Jie Bin (approximately 1563-1640) wrote ‘there are two kidneys, (kidney yin and yang), with the Gate of Vitality between them. The kidney is the organ of water and fire, the abode of yin and yang, the sea of essence, and it determines life and death.’” (Wikipedia)

The kidneys control “Jing” or “essence” and there are two counterparts, the yin and the yang.

The balance of the Jing is extremely important.

This is why I have been a proponent of avoidance regular use of stimulants that drive the kidney like caffeine and other drugs.

Almost ALL of what they call “natural” weight loss supplements contain amounts small and large of caffeine and other stimulant drugs.

While these supplements can hasten weight loss, perhaps they may not be good in the long run.

Studies have shown that most of these programs tend to promote yoyo dieting.

The person will at first lose weight but as soon as the supplements are discontinued, they gain the weight back and sometimes more.

The same thing happens with extreme low calorie diets.

There’s a thing called “body set point”. Your body gets accustomed to a particular weight and fat content. In order to lose weight permanently, you need to create a new set point.

So slow weight loss works better.

It also is less damaging to your kidney Jing.

Many people already have Jing imbalance and using stimulants to hasten weight loss only intensifies that imbalance putting stress on the kidneys.

Working WITH the body to reset the body’s set point allows your body to also balance the jing as you lose weight.

There is a place for caffeine containing herbs but they should be used in balance with other herbs. TCM seldom uses single herbs.

Most of the so-called “natural” weight loss supplements contain synthetic caffeine and taurine. Guarana is often added to these to increase the caffeine content and make them “look” like an herbal supplement.


I get annoyed with misuse of herbs like guarana and ephedra. Both herbs have important healing properties but have been overused and misused in the weight loss industry.

Misuse of ephedra caused it to be banned because it actually killed people. Just because something is herbal does not mean it’s safe to use without knowing what you’re doing.

Foxglove can save lives and it can also kill you if used wrong. The same is true of many herbs.

Patches that deliver a steady stream of stimulants to burn fat keep your body in a constant stress mode and prevent the balance of the Jing.

A person may become addicted to them not only because caffeine is addictive but because their bodies are trying to reset themselves to the higher stimulant content.

A better approach to weight loss is to lose weight slowly.

Increase your activity levels. You don’t need to become a mad jogger or fitness freak. Just move more. Set a time so you don’t sit for more than 20 minutes at a time. Then get up and walk around and do some type of physical activity for 5-10 minutes.

See my article on Pomodoro Time Management: http://www.bloggingsuccessstories.com/easy-time-management-tool/

Learn better eating habits. With all the information available, nobody has an excuse to be unaware of how to eat healthy.

It’s actually pretty simple. Eat fresh food from the produce aisle. Eat fresh organic meat and dairy if you choose to eat those.

Use organic products that are free from toxic substances like hormone disruptors and toxic chemicals.

Use Google!

Adding some concentrated nutrients is good to restore health as long as you’re sure they are 100% certified organic.

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How to Make Comfrey Salve

How to Make Comfrey Salve

How to Make Comfrey Salve by Anita Hales, CH

How to Make Comfrey Salve


Comfrey Root Salve
Comfrey has been used for centuries as a food and medicine. It was commonly used as a livestock feed as well.
Comfrey is known by herbalists as vulnerary, astringent, demulcent and expectorant.
Also called “knitbone” it was well known for hastening healing of tissues and bones. It was also used for coughs and lung issues. Its demulcent properties make it soothing for salves and creams.
The main useful components of comfrey are:
”    Mucilage (fructans)
”    Tannins
”    Allantoin
”    Rosmarinic acid
”    Sarracine
”    Platyphylline
”    Triterpenes
”    Sterols

However, a study done in the 1980s revealed that it contains hepatotoxic pyrolizidine alkaloids and recommends that it not be taken internally. I could find only one reference to someone dying from ingesting comfrey. So use internally at your own risk.
Here’s how to make the salve:
Gather a quantity of root and/or leaves. Root is best when gathered in the fall but may be used all year round. Breaking off a few pieces of the root will not damage the plant.
Wash thoroughly and chop into small pieces. (A food processor may be used)
Put the prepared plant in a double boiler or slow cooker and put in enough coconut oil to cover it.
Simmer for 3 hours.
Strain out plant parts.
At this point you may add a little beeswax to thicken the salve. It doesn’t take a lot.
You may also add a few drops of lavender or tea tree essential oil as a preservative and for additional healing properties.
Pour into containers while hot. A 2 ounce baby food jar is perfect.
Apply to wounds, bruises, and skin eruptions. Make sure any open wounds are cleaned well. It can hasten the healing so much that dirt and germs could be trapped under healing tissues and cause infections. Adding lavender essential oil will help reduce chance of infections.

Living organically and toxin free is challenging these days.

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