Herbal Health

For centuries, mankind has used nature for healing. The herbalists of the Middle East had a great influence in herbal medicine of Europe as did writings of early Greek healers.

The Chinese have a milleniums of research and training. Chinese emperors would hire the finest healers to seek out cures and ways to prolong life as the Emperors desired immortality.

The stories abound about Europeans being astonished at the knowledge of the Native Americans when they came to the western hemisphere.

Mankind has always had nature’s tools to aid him in his afflictions.

I’d like to share a story passed down through my own family. One of my early ancestors, Elizabeth Fones, came to the Plymouth colony and was married several times. Her last husband was my ancestor, William Hallet.

The story goes that there was an outbreak of what they called “breakbone fever”. It was a terrible flu that caused such pain, the sufferers thought their bones were breaking. Many families lost family members to this influenza.

However, the Hallet household employed a Native American woman as a housekeeper. She had been thrown into a fire as a child when a neighboring tribe attacked their village and she was badly burned on her face and back. This made the other Plymouth colony members fear her and many of them secretly accused her of witchcraft.

The woman was also knowledgeable in the use of herbal remedies.

When she saw how the plague was sweeping through the village, she brought herbal remedies to her own household and told them that if they would drink her remedy, they would not suffer. And she was right. The Hallet household was spared the influenza.

Because of this, the other colony members decided that the Hallets and their housekeeper had been practicing the dark arts and they determined to punish them.

As the story goes, the Hallets escaped to William’s ship to avoid the mob and began to sail down the coast towards what is now Pennsylvania hoping to connect with some other outcasts from the colony.

They did find one settlement but came just in time to find it burning. It was the settlement of Ann Hutchinson, who was cast out for her “extreme” religious views that caused consternation among the stiff Puritans.

Hutchinson was barely alive and died shortly after the Hallets arrived.

Because of the problems with that particular band of Natives in the area, the Hallets sailed farther south to settle.

All of this because their housekeeper saved them from the flu.

There are thousands of similar stories to this one. Herbal medicine just works.

If you enjoyed this story, let me know and share your stories with me so I can post them on this site.

Anita Hales

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