Who Is Anita Hales?

All About Anita Hales

Chartered Herbalist

Anita Hales is a Chartered Herbalist who has lived in beautiful Alaska for over 50 years.

In that time she has learned from Native Americans and personal study about many of the beautiful and powerful plants in the temperate rainforest of Southeast Alaska.

She’s always been interested in living a healthy lifestyle and loves to be in the outdoors.

Recently, Anita discovered some great non-toxic organic products that she is sharing with others.

She became especially interested in non-toxic living years ago when a daughter became critically ill from toxins in the local schools. Her daughter was unable to continue in the public schools and was home schooled.

More recently, a granddaughter showed extreme sensitivity to toxic substances in everyday products like soap, shampoo and toothpaste. It was this that prompted her to find a company offering organic non-toxic products. They have been a boon to her granddaughter.

Anita is also a home business entrepreneur and uses social media and other online sources to grow her business. She is also a social media marketing consultant.

She loves to help others become independent of a paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle.

Anita’s hobbies include music (she plays several musical instruments including harp and guitar), genealogy, woodworking, wildcrafting, Society for Creative Anachronism, Medieval and Renaissance studies. Anita loves blogging. She is married to Steve Hales, they have 5 grown children and 10 grandchildren. She has an Alaskan Husky named Sugar and a black cat named Bran. They live in Ketchikan Alaska.


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Anita Hales