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Is grammar all that important?

Is correct grammar all that important?

When I was growing up, my mother constantly corrected my grammar and spelling. When I asked the meaning of the word she would launch into the Latin roots of the words and explain where it came from.

So I guess it comes naturally to me to be what some people call a grammar freak.

Seeing bad grammar on Facebook and other social media gives me a headache.

But the question remains, is it really important.

Let’s look at it from a professional standpoint.

You are wanting to be a credible home business operator.

Your business relies on your connection to your prospects and customers.

If you sound uneducated, it’s going to affect how people see you as a business owner. And nothing can make you sound more uneducated that poor grammar no matter how smart you are.

Here are some of the most common grammar and spelling mistakes I see on a regular basis that chip away at the credibility of the business person.

  1. “I seen it.” The correct grammar is, “I SAW it.”
  2. “I could care less.” You should say, “I couldn’t care less.” Just think about the meaning here.
  3. “First come, first serve.” Meaning is important here too. To be correct you should say, “First come, first served.”
  4. “Baited breath” as opposed to “bated breath.” You might have “baited breath” if you just ate a bunch of raw herring. The correct one is “bated breath.”
  5. That brings up “breathe” vs “breath”. It’s a matter of spelling. “Breathe” (pronounced “breeth”) is what we do on a regular basis. “Breath” (pronounced “breth”) is what you need peppermint candies for.
  6. Then there’s “your” and “you’re”. I think this is a matter of grammatical laziness on the part of most people who get it wrong. “Your” indicates possession as in “your dog”. “You’re” is a contraction. It’s short for “You are”. The apostrophe takes the place of the missing “a”.
  7. “To”, “Too” and “Two”. “To” is a verb telling direction. “I’m going to work”. Replace the word “too” with “also” and you’ll get it right. “Two” refers to the number 2.

There are many more grammatical errors that are all too common. The really sad thing is that in this day and age of electronics and computers, it’s almost unnecessary.

Even cheap word processors have spelling and grammar checkers. Facebook has a built-in spelling and grammar checker that nobody seems to use.

When you are writing emails to your list, you will immediately lose credibility by using poor spelling and grammar.

Get in the habit of using good grammar and it will do a lot for you mentally too. You will feel more confident and professional.

There are a number of free grammar checkers available on the internet such as

I hope this inspires you to pay more attention to the way you say things.  It does matter.


Anita Hales

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How to add a music track to your podcast

In a previous video I showed you how to post a podcast to your WordPress blog.

In this video I take it a step farther and show you how to make your podcast more interesting by adding a music sound track to it using Audacity Sound Editor.

You can watch the video on Youtube by clicking here


I hope you find this helpful.

Anita Hales,

Online Entrepreneur and Consultant