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Posted by: | Posted on: April 6, 2014

When your Plan B becomes your Plan A

A couple of years ago, I decided that I needed to look for a Plan B as I watched the business I worked for go consistently downhill.

Not only was the business in a decline but my boss was the kind of employer who only said something to you if he saw you doing something he didn’t like.

There was no option for advancement or improvement. He didn’t offer encouragement or training.

When I did something he didn’t like, he’d threaten to fire me.

I worked for this company for 7 years.

At the same time, due to declining health, my husband was unemployable so it was up to me to supplement his retirement income which was about half of what he made while working.

We also had two adult children living at home because they weren’t making enough money to live on their own and one was on disability.

So it was important for me to be able to work.

Well, the inevitable finally happened, I was laid off from my job.

But it was actually a good thing to happen to me.

First of all, the stress of working for a boss who never really appreciated my work was over.

Secondly, I finally have time to work on my Plan B.

My plan B was an online business.

I had already been studying and seeing what others were doing to make money online.  I had enrolled in a program that was promising and could feasibly make me the kind of money I needed to make.

I am now a full-time internet marketer and am enjoying every minute of it.

It gives me freedom, confidence, and the resources I need.

I highly recommend it to others and would be happy to help you shorten your learning curve by supplying right now what it took me almost 2 years to learn.

I want you to succeed and enjoy the freedom I now enjoy.

Yours in Success,


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