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Confessions of a Sidetracked Entrepreneur part 3

Are you ever frustrated that you never seem to get things done? You may be a sidetracked entrepreneur. In this podcast, you’ll see that it’s not such a bad thing and you can use it to your advantage. Be empowered by your nature.

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Sidetracked Entrepreneur part 3:

My children are always teasing me about how I jump from one task to another and take off on tangents. I don’t think I’ve watched a movie all the way through without getting up to bake cookies or something in years.

While I watch a movie my mind is cooking up things to do and the smallest thing in the movie will set my imagination off in a different direction unless the movie is particularly engaging.

The other day I saw something in the background of the movie that I liked and thought I could make something like that in my shop.

So I went to the computer and found a pattern I could doctor up to make it.

Then I went out to my shop and whipped it up on my scroll saw.

We sidetracked entrepreneurs are very creative people.

I’ve discovered that if something seems to be fun I never have any trouble doing it. If it seems like work, not so much.

My mother used to try to get me to like washing dishes by telling me that I could see lots of colors in the soap bubbles. That worked until the dishwater got dirty and the soap bubbles all popped. I still don’t like doing dishes but I do them anyway because I like clean dishes.

So I focus on the part of it I like.

I like to have a clean sink and toilet too and I hate washing them but I like the clean so I focus on that.

In my business, I just couldn’t get so I liked blogging even though I knew it could be a good part of my business.

Then I discovered podcasting. It was fun. I could put expression to my thoughts and make them sound exactly how I wanted them to sound. Plus I can add music to it and that’s fun.

Doing videos makes me nervous. I don’t feel like I look good on video so I haven’t been able to find a fun thing in that until I discovered screencasting.

I can record my voice over what shows on my screen. I can do a tutorial or show other things and talk about them without actually showing my face. It’s fun. I love teaching things.

People seem to like the sound and stuff too. They seem to make people happy.

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve loved telling stories and this has given me an outlet for doing just that. Plus I can make some money doing it.

What could be more fun than that?

The other good thing is that it takes me less than 30 minutes to put out a podcast from writing it to having it up on my blog. That fits in with my attention span.

I’ve also found that doing one podcast leads to me thinking about the next one. So my tendency to go off on tangents is a good thing.

Instead of worrying about being sidetracked. I’m embracing it and using it to my advantage.

We sidetracked people are really great people and fun to know.

Our innate creativity sets us off on tangents that you never quite know where they will end.

Life is an adventure.

All we need to do to make work get done is to make it fun.

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Confessions of a Sidetracked Entrepreneur

Are you a sidetracked entrepreneur? They are actually wonderful people, spontaneous, creative, active, happy, friendly.  But some of the spontaneity gets in the way of a successful business.

Here are some tips to help you get more done and still have fun.

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And the picture of the cute puppy was just to get your attention.

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